Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What the ... Christmas envy?!?!?

It turns out that Halifax City Councillors have $93,000 in discretionary funds to use every year. Funds that of course come from our tax dollars. It is supposed to be used for capital developments and infrastructure developments. Things like parks, playgrounds, maintenance of common areas.

One Councillor, Brad Johns of Sackville, decided to use $25,000 of his to get an animatronic talking Christmas tree for Sackville. He compares it to Woody the Talking Christmas tree. The difference being Private funds were used to purchase and maintain Woody at Mic Mac Mall. Johns used public money.

At a time when there are a lot of people who could use monetary help Johns wastes public money on this. There was just a story in the news about an elderly woman in Metro who couldn't afford her prescriptions. More people are using food banks. But hey, lets waste $25 - fucking - thousand dollars on a damn animatronic tree.Why?

Well, according to Johns it is only right. Halifax has the parade of lights. Spryfield has a Santa Claus parade. Various areas have tree lighting events. So of course spending $25,000 on a Christmas tree is a great idea.

I have heard of penis envy but this is a first for Christmas envy.


  1. What always gets me is the excuse they give after they're caught. It's always some big story or out and out lie that is disproven by facts.
    Some people just can't admit they were wrong, and so they dig themselves deeper and deeper.

  2. He actually seems to believe what he says. That it is a great thing for Sackville. It will have a lot of future benefits. He even tried to tie into linking it with food donations with helping the food banks .... more than giving say $25,000 or even the whole $93,000 to lets say the Metro Food Bank.