Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jean Beliveau

I wish I could say I remember watching Jean Beliveau play hockey. I definitely watched hockey then and cheered for Montreal. However, I was 6 when he retired and can't truthfully say I remember him as a player. :( I wish I could.

Jean Beliveau died last week. He is one of the VERY VERY few people I have heard others talk about and they had NOTHING bad to say about him. I remember him more as a retired representative of the Montreal Canadiens. He was pure class. According to those who knew him when he played the same was true. Players from all over the NHL were told that if they wanted to be the best for their team they would do well to emulate Beliveau.

I watched the opening ceremony of the game tonight. It started about 15 minutes ago. Montreal got it right. Their tribute was spot on. Having the chair he always sat in at the Bell Centre ...  I almost typed The Forum (and it will always be The Forum to me) ... draped with his number and The Habs colours was perfect. I cried. His wife was there, along with other family members. The crowd honoured him, and thereby them. I cried. The farewell was almost as classy as Jean Beliveau was and always will be.

I am not a big fan of televised funerals. I wish I could be in Montreal tomorrow to express my grief at the loss of Jean Beliveau. My gratitude at all he gave to his sport and his country. His family is in my thoughts, and he will ALWAYS be there.

Thank you for all you did on the ice and off. You will always be remembered.

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