Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What the ... guilt trips?!?!?

I received some mail today. The kind of mail that makes me shake my head and wonder just how fucking stupid some charities are. Or rather just how much they really need money.

This time it was unsolicited email from Habit For Humanity. How they got my name and address I don't know. nor do I really care. It contained Christmas cards and seals that they expect me to send them money for. It gets circular filed. What a fucking waste of money, on their part.

What pisses me off the most is that they are trying to play on the sympathy of people. They expect that people will feel driven by guilt to send them money. Not by a desire to help but guilt.

I still remember the asshole who once called me representing the Children's Help Line. At the time I was between jobs and didn't have any money to spare or I probably would have donated to them. At the time I thought it was a worthy cause. Then comes the call. I explain my situation and the guy has the nerve to tell me that surely I could borrow $20 from someone. When I asked to talk to his supervisor he hung up.

I contacted the Children's Help Line to complain. They just gave a spiel about outsourcing phone solicitation to a telemarketing company. They weren't interested in sending my complaint on to the telemarketer.

Their excuse doesn't mean shit. They hired someone to represent them. When they call and act like the fucktard I dealt with they are acting in the name of the company. Much like the Poppy volunteer I dealt with in 2010. Thanks to the telemarketer that called me, and the lack of interest in following up on my complaint, I will NEVER donate to the Children's Help Line.

How much money, donated money, do these charities waste on the mail outs? Let alone on the money spent on telemarketers? Which is why I don't donate to those charities.

I have charities that I support regularly. I have given them permission to contact me. I donate to them because I choose to out of a desire to help. Which is why I don't appreciate the unsolicited contact. The attempt to guilt me into donating money. The waste of money.


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