Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shit Morons Say ... about diabetes.

"I am (insert verb here)  with diabetes!"

There is a blood reader called Contour Next by Bayers. This commercial makes me see red. It starts off by showing people making statements about living with diabetes.

"I am working with diabetes." says a man at a work site.

"I am travelling with diabetes." says a woman in a lounge chair by a pool.

"I am creating with diabetes." says a woman at a draft table.

No shit Sherlock. having diabetes doesn't mean you can't do anything as long as you keep things under control. Yes, ANY blood reader, like the contour, will help you. Your meds will help you even more. However, this commercial makes it seem like diabetes makes you unable to do anything UNLESS you use the contour.

One of the reasons why a LOT of people don't mention they have diabetes is because of how people react. Oh, you have diabetes you shouldn't be doing this. As long as you keep your blood sugar level under control you can pretty much do anything you want.

Why does this commercial piss me off? I have diabetes. Shit like this makes the sheep, errr average person think someone with diabetes is severely limited in what they can do.

This commercial reminds me of an asshole I worked with at my current job for a short while. He tried to use diabetes to excuse the fact he is a lazy fucktard. He actually got a doctors note saying he needed more breaks than normal because of his condition. What would he do on these extra breaks? Scarf down teh kind of food that would make a diabetic have severe problems. (If anything the mook was hypo-glycemic and not diabetic but he got some fucktard of a doctor to sign off on him being diabetic.)

Up until then I told no one at work I was diabetic. Why? Because it didn't prevent me from doing my job. It has been under control for years. It is no ones business. He pissed me off so much I told my bosses, and a few others. And in case you didn't get it, he doesn't work there any more. He got caught in a few too many lies.

Bayer you are fucktards for putting out this commercial. The Contour Next makes it easier to monitor and track your blood sugar levels. THAT is what you should have focused on. Fucktards.

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