Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What the ... national news?!?!?

A "cautious" Calgary doctor also know as a daredevil that lived for adrenaline rushes died base jumping in Arizona. Why the fuck should I care? Why the fuck is it NATIONAL news?!?!?

Not to denigrate or diminish how his family and friends feel but why the hell would this be considered national news? CTV, CBC, The National Post, even METRO for the Halifax area is carrying this story.

To add to the inanity of the story you have this report:

‘‘A rescue helicopter … located Dave’s body and confirmed he had died from massive injuries resulting from impacting rocks at high speed. "

They REALLY had to elaborate on that? They needed confirmation that he died from massive injuries due to hitting rocks and a high speed? Were they thinking maybe his death resulted because of being hit by a car in mid air? Media fucktards.

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