Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scammer 2: Phone Follies Bugaloo

And the assholes that scammed my Mother for her credit card number over a month ago called back last night. This time they totally blocked out their number. It just appeared as 000-000-0000.

The guy calling had the same Indian accent as the last and started the same spiel. He purported to be representing BMO and could lower her credit card interest rate. She immediately hung up. The piece of shit then had the balls to call back and start yelling into the answering machine demanding that she pick up the phone and talk to him.

Unfortunately, I had been called in to work and wasn't there to deal with it. It left her more than a little shaken.

I talked with Eastlink about it today. The girl at Customer Service was helpful. Since the scum are blocking the number call blocking won't work. However, it turns out there is a way to trace a blocked call like that. The information gets sent to the local police to be used if/when you file a complaint. Here are the steps.

1) Answer the call and hang up.
2) Immediately pick up the phone.
3) Listen for the dial tone.
4) Press *57
5) A message should come up confirming that the number was traced and the information logged.
6) Contact your local police and file a complaint.

Next time these assholes call Mom will be prepared if I am not there. Hopefully everything works out and at the least I will be able to find out who they are when a complaint is laid. It could make for an interesting blog post.

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