Friday, November 18, 2011

Loud Mouthed Cowards

I had a run in today with a type of asshole I haven't seen in a while. The loud mouthed coward.

My mother and I went to SuperStore to pick up a few cases of Kraft Dinner for the food bank. I went ahead to the car carrying a case while she brought the others in a cart. As I was putting the case in the trunk I heard a horn. I looked up and saw Mom just finishing crossing a lane in the middle of the lot and a truck. As I watched the truck passed her and pulled into a parking spot near her.

A portly asshole lumbered out of the truck. He immediately started yelling at my mother. "Why don't you watch where the fuck you are walking!" Of course, I saw red when he talked to my Mother like that. He opened his mouth to say something else and I shouted. "Why don't you watch when you drive."

I recognized his truck from when I was crossing the same lane. He was at the end of it smacking his steering wheel while people crossed. It is a busy lot and he probably had to wait 3-4 times while people crossed. My mother being the 5th. His frustration level at actually having to wait for pedestrians was showing in his face and voice.

"She just walked right out." he said. (And she hadn't. He was a distance from her when she started to cross and he laid on the horn.) He glared at Mom and his mouth started to move.

"You want a fucking problem?" I asked him coldly as I started walking over.

For some funny reason, cowardice, he decided to keep his mouth shut now. I guess being confronted by a 6'3" man in his 40's was too different from confronting a 79 year old 5'4" woman. His bravery vanished. He slinked off across the parking lot keeping his thoughts to himself.

And just here was he going in such an all fire hurry? A bar for lunch. Probably to build his courage back up. Fucking loud mouthed coward.


  1. What a fucktard! Sounds a lot like the fucktard who was happy to tell The Bird to shut up and stop speaking English on the subway, but ran to the other end of the train when I asked if he was looking to die sometime soon.

    Hope your mum wasn't too unsettled by the whole affair. What a big man hey? Yelling at a 79 year old woman! He's lucky that you're mellow enough to offer him the opportunity to piss off!

  2. They are never braver than when trying to intimidate someone weaker than them.

    Mom is tough but she hates confrontation. While I don't like it, I won't avoid it, especially when some asshole is bothering my Mom.

  3. That's good mum is a tough old bird as well!