Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't you hate it when ...

Don't you hate it when your friend acts like a mook?

I was going to meet some friends for coffee tonight, one of them was picking me up. Long story short, my mother had a health related incident and I would rather make sure she is ok tonight than go out. So, I call my friend who is picking me up, get voice mail, and leave him a message explaining things around 2PM.

He calls while I am out mowing the lawn after supper so I call him back when I am done. Voice mail again. I leave a message that I am going to hop in the shower and call in 30+ minutes. Of course he calls while I am in the shower. Mind you I knew he would, as Koreans would say, that is his style. He leaves a message saying his phone will be on, call when I can.

I call, and get his fucking voice mail again. I leave a message AGAIN retsating what happened and that I am not going. End of the tale? No.

He calls me at 8PM to say he will be on his way to pick me up in a few minutes. He hadn't even listened to his fucking voice mail! He had no clue I wasn't going. He hadn't even listened to the message I left him SIX hours earlier! Why even have voice mail if you don't check it? Then again why say "call my phone will be on and you won't get sent to voice mail" when you obviously didn't do that?

It has been a stressful day and I really didn't need the extra stupidity.

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