Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stephen Harper aka Boy in a Bubble

So, Haper's people kicked university students out of his rallies. Great move to win over the youth vote.

One was a woman who had a picture of herself with Ignatieff and another with Layton on her Facebook page. Yes, Harper's people check the FB page of people coming to their rallies. The asshats that kicked her out actually tore up her guest pass when they ejected her.

Another participated in a non-political rally to get students to vote. When he went to the Tory rally afterwards he was kicked out.

What can I say, considering the contempt the Harper Tories seem to have for Parliament, democracy, and Canadians in general that they would do this is no surprise. Harper's response when asked about the ejections today was surprising.

He started off by refusing to answer questions about Carson. Carson is the staffer with a criminal record who was given access to Secret documents and worked for Harper. Harper previously said he knew of the older convicitons but not the newer ones. One would think that the previous ones alone would have precluded his hiring.

Then he was asked about the students who were kicked out. After saying he couldn't comment on it he said;

"... it is better when you are turning people away than when you can't get people to come."

What an out of touch moron. He actually equates people being ejected with people being turned away because there is no room for them. Maybe he really is living in a bubble that keeps him out of touch with reality.

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