Thursday, March 31, 2011

Latest Tory Attack Ad

According to the latest Conservative Party attack ad we should not trust Michael Ignatieff because he came back to Canada to become Prime Minister. Hmmm ... he isn't trustworthy because he wanted to be PM? He is an opportunist because he came back to become PM?

It is kind of funny to hear the Tories prattle on about someone coming back to Canada to be PM being bad. Aren't the Tories the party that brought Lucien Bouchard back to Canada so he would get into politics? Lucien Bouchard, the man who STARTED the Bloc Quebecois party. The separtist party that Harper now rails about. Why did they bring Bouchard into federal politics? They wanted to get votes in Quebec.

One party had a man come back to Canada because he wanted to lead the party and the country. The other party brought back a man because they wanted votes in Quebec. A man who would then dedicate himself to trying to tear the country apart. Who is the opportunist we should beware of again?

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