Friday, March 11, 2011

Chara's Revelation

Wow, you don't often see a revelation like this but Zdeno Chara admitted to the world that he is a moron. Chara told reporters

I had no idea (Pacioretty) was on the ice . I had no idea it was him.

As Dave Stubbs pointed out this means that, among other things, Pacioretty's name running from shoulder to shoulder on the back of the uniform isn't big enough to be recognized and one of the top defencemen in the world skates around unaware of the opponent he faces.

This ranks right up there with his other tasteless and stupid comment after the hit where he blamed Pacioretty for jumping into the stanchion. What a mook.

Hmmm .... the NHL gave Sean Avery a 6 game suspension for his off icee "sloppy seconds" comment. I wonder if Buttman (Yes, I deliberately misspelled his name.) will use these comments as a chance to do something without blaming it on the bhit? A face saving measure. Chara is giving in a 10 game suspension for his stupid comments.

Naw, Buttman is just as much of a mook as Chara.

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