Saturday, March 26, 2011

I missed telling mooks off properly.

I was helping move some stuff around today for the candidate in my riding. There was a group of about 6 of us. One of the guys I hadn't seen in over 10 years so we were catching up a bit while working. He mentioned that I looked thinner. I mentioned how much weight I have lost.

Some mook I don't know decided he had to chime in and say "You could stand to lose a lot more."

My reply was a terse "Yes, and I will. Tomorrow I will be lighter but you will still be a fucking idiot." (I know, I bastardised Winston.)

He mulled it over for a few seconds and wisely walked away.

Fucking stupid mook. It felt good to tell one off properly in English. I couldn't do it justice in Korean.


  1. Oh this pisses me off!! What makes people think they have the right to comment on a total stranger's weight (or height or skin colour, etc)? I'm thankful I don't speak or understand Korean because I'm pretty sure people say stuff about my size all the time. My body is nobody's business except mine. Good for you for saying something!

  2. I remember reading one blogger who complained about being home and people getting angry with him. Why did they get angry, he felt it was his duty to tell all of his family and friends who were overweight that they were fat. He just couldn't grasp that he was being rude.