Thursday, February 17, 2011

Survivor:| R&R

Watched the 1st episode of the latest Survivor last nigh. I found the highlights of the show not to be Russell and Rob. (Go Russell.) Rather it was Mr. G-Man himself, Phillip.

The minute Phillip "opened up" about "who and what" he was I couldn't help but start laughing. Sure Phillip, you were a Federal Agent who worked for 3 different Agencies. Then he went on about his skills at detecting lies. That is something, if true, that you would want to keep to yourself and only share with an alliance. All in all his ramblings and awkward way of dealing with people, or rodering them around, just made him look ... psycho.

A federal agent eh? Hmmm ... well that could be true. Working at any official government office does make someone an agent of the government. More believable is that he worked intimately with 3 government agencies. Department of Health (for his time at the funny farm and being treated) and I find it entirely believable that he had dealing with several law enforcement agencies, when the crazy was too strong.

That had to be one of the funniest tribal councils ever. All due to Phillip.

Speaking of crazy, Kristina is a perfect partner for Phillip. She could easily have been voted off and never used the idol even though (thanks Philip) everyone knows she has it. That just makes her a target for the next vote.

All in all it was a good 1st episode.

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