Monday, August 7, 2017

I don't speak idiot.

I went to Sobeys this morning. I knew they would be open even though it was a holiday and took a chance it would be 10. (Yeah I could have looked it up on the internet but sometimes you just have to live dangerously. ;) ) As I was getting ready to turn right into their parking lot a dumbass decided to make an illegal left turn into the parking lot cutting in front of me. If I had been going the speed limit and not slowing to turn I would have t-boned the moron.

She then drove up and parked in the fire lane, in front of the crosswalk, by the main doors. Then she hopped out and ran up to the door.

I parked the car and tried to hold my snark in. Ok, tried to hold my anger in. I walk up and see the door is locked. Moron is still standing there. I whip out the phone and look up the holiday hours. Lo and behold they open noon to 6. It was 10:00 AM.

The dumbass says: "Excuse me do you know what time it is."

I reply: "Sorry I don't speak Idiot."

I wish I had the phone camera on and took a pic of her face. The look was priceless as she tried to process what I said.

She snarled: "Why would you talk to me like that?"

"Because you are moron. You made an illegal left hand turn and almost cut me off. You then parked your fucking car right there, in the fire lane, in front of the fucking crosswalk. Any other questions?"

She stammered a bit and couldn't seem to make a reply.

"Oh. It is 10 AM and they don't open until noon."

I walked away while she stewed. As I got in the car and buckled up I saw her get a shopping cart and stand by the door. The fucking place doesn't open for 2 hours and this loopy cunt is lining up. While her shitmobile is stll parked illegaly.

Fucking mooks.

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