Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What the ... mookishness?!?!?!?

I have had to be at an airport 3 days in the last week. In all 3 days I ran into a mook. Ok, I ran  into way too many mooks because people tend to forget everything and become a mook at an airport but these 3 stand out.

Three days in a row I ran into this behaviour. As I approached the first door to enter the airport someone (a woman in all 3 times) was standing in front of the door. I would make eye contact with them and wait. They would just stand there. I would open the door and wait. Nothing would happen. I would say "Excuse me." and they would blink and say "Oh, I didn't see you there,"

Seriously? You fucking stupid moron! You are BLOCKING the doorway to enter the airport! Yet you are surprised that someone wants to enter. Ok, I didn't say that. I sucked it in not to tell someone that she is a fucking mook and that will haunt me for a few days. Or minutes. Or fuck you.

As soon as I entered and passed them they went back to blocking the doorway. There is really nothing you can say to get a moron of that magnitude to change their ways.

Fucking mooks.

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