Friday, July 29, 2016

Return of the Telefucktards.

Just got a call from 1-613-521-0415 a new number for the old fucktards who annoy with calls to help with your credit card debt. Their number gets blocked as they call which usually gives a few months respite until they start using another one.

It is the same old BS. "We have tried reaching you several times. This is the final time this will be offered. We can help you with your credit card debt. Dial 1 to take advantage of this offer. Dial 2 to be removed from our list and lose out on this offer."

Knowing that hitting 2 is useless and just lets them know they have a live number I usually hang up and block the number. Today I hit 1 and when the guy started his spiel interrupted and said "It doesn't matter how many times you switch your number it gets blocked asshole." He hung up. I blocked the number. I give it 3 months before I get another call.

It makes me wonder just how many times these twats find a sucker to fleece. Enough to make it profitable I guess.

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