Friday, June 17, 2016


Tonight I am watching Inception based on the reccomendation of a co-worker. We were talking about waking dreams and things like that and he said I should watch this. So I am.

Damn. Strike one. Leonardo DiCaprio is in the movie. Not a big fan of his.

Interesting concept/premise. Good execution. so far.

I like how they got him out of the dream. :)

A dream within a dream? They should be playing The Alan Parsons Project. :)

Heh ... snitches get stitches!

Ok, the concept of inception is interesting.

Can't ... walk ... away. Even with no guarantee.

Ariadne? Interesting name if you know anything about Greek mythology.

26 minutes in I am wondering if he is still in a dream state or not. It affects how you see the movie.

And she is dreaming. Cool.

I am liking it so far. Even if Leo DeCraprio is in it.

Damn this really is interesting. She can mess with my physics any day. :)

So, inception is possible just bloody difficult.

Ok, this is a bizarre chase sequence. He must be dreaming.

Once again. A dream within a dream. Three levels this time.

Still interesting.

"They come to be woken up. The dream has become their reality."

I am liking it so far at the 53 minute mark.

"I bought the airline." Hahahahaha!!!!!

I am still thinking that this might be the 4th or 5th level of a dream. Damn. I like this. :)

The dream was hijacked? Sweet!

This movie is both suspending my disbelief and holding my interest. Watch it!

Holy shit!

Limbo. Damn.

I still think he is working Saito.

A dream within a dream.

"It is like trying to remember a dream after you have woken up."

0k fight! Boo Yah!!!!!!!

"An idea is like a virus."



Oh yeah. Worth watching. :)

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