Sunday, April 24, 2016

What the ... Laurierism?!?!?!?

A friend shared something on Facebook from some mook named Rob East. Actually it was something he shared, of something a friend shared, that a friend shared, that Rob East made available. Oh what a tangled web we weave ... but I am getting ahead of myself.

Mr. East posted a photo of a quote to Wilfred Laurier in 2015. All it took was reading the first sentence, Mr. East's opening and only comment, for me to call bullshit on it. He wrote;

"I AM CANADIAN ... maybe we should remember the words of our founding fathers." 

Canadian? Really? Ok, we do have our share of fuckwits in Canada and a lot of morons. He could be Canadian and a prime example of either of those. Or maybe he is an American.

Founding fathers?!?!?!? Really?!?!? THAT sounds like something an American would say. Not a Canadian. In Canada we have The Fathers of Confederation. NOT founding fathers. On top of that, Laurier was NOT one of them.

He then went on to post the statement attributed to Laurier. A statement which had a huge glaring error in it. Can you pick out the error?

Did you see it? In the last half of the statement? Yeah, this one.

"We have room for only one flag, the Canadian flag."

BAARRRRRRRRRRP! Canadian Flag? In 1907? The Canadian flag was NOT adopted until 1965! Until then we flew the Union Jack aka The United Kingdom Union Flag.

The whole statement sounds more like something an American would say. Thanks to the miracle of the internet and a handy site called Snopes it was easy to find out who this statement belongs to. In it's original form and not what Mr. East bastardized it into (or someone else did and Mr. East didn't bother attributing it to them) it was made by ... Theodore Roosevelt. A search on Snopes using Laurier showed that.

A google search then showed that this piece of BS, the quote not Mr. East, has been around the internet since at least 2012. Maybe longer. Which means Mr. East was just passing on the BS without showing where he found it.

Good try Mr. East but I smelled the bullshit from the start.

Then you have the twat waffles in the comment section.

The fucking moron who said she AGREES "n"  does so without prejudice. Which is codespeak for I am a fucking racist.  Nice try asshole.

Or The last commenter who really doesn't know anything about Laurier. She was right he is a Canadian through and through but if she believes this piece of tripe was really him she has NO idea what a Canadian is, let alone who Laurier was.

Morons do seem to attract morons.


  1. Snopes is a great help in exposing these idiots every time my bullshit detector goes off.