Thursday, January 21, 2016

Movie: Tokarev/Rage .... Avengers Grimm.

I started watching Tokarev with Nick Cage tonight. It is also known as Rage. It sucks. Real bad. So bad that I fast forwarded a bit before just shutting it off. Holy shit what a shite movie.

Then I started watching Avengers Grimm. It isn't that good a movie but the fight scenes are damn good. That can't save it but they scenes are good. Unlike Tokarev I may FF it but I will probably finish watching it.

Oh Casper van Diem how far you have fallen.

Ok. I couldn't finish this one either but it wasn't as bad as Tokarev.

Maybe I just needed more booze?

Hmmmm .... no they both still would have sucked.

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