Friday, January 15, 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road

Tonights movie is Mad Max: Fury Road.

It definitely has the feel of the Mad Max I know and love. A gritty, surreal, nihilistic future. It reminds me a lot of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. A lot of bald people instead of a maniac with a mohawk. :)

27:45 in and I can't believe that much time has passed. The movie has kept me engrossed and entertained. Not a lot of movies can say that for the amount of time that has passed.

Furiosa intrigues me. She is a bad ass.

Max as a blood bank is interesting too. I am wondering just how he will break free and if he will end Nux the Recipients life quickly or not. ;)

Oh, and THAT is a sandstorm!

Wow. Now THAT is a death wish! Almost makes me want to sing "You Light Up My Life." :)

Seriously? Some fucktard is shooting off fireworks. It is August fucking 29th not Canada Day. Ok, now I am going to have to find out who this fucking idiot is a few streets over. My dog does NOT like fireworks. This asshole disturbed my dog. But I digress.

Blood Bank 1 Nux 0. Oh just cut his fucking hand off.

Heh ... poor Max. Still not having a lot of luck with shotgun ammo.

They have it made it interesting the way he is wrestling with his ... damn ... women bathing ... demons.

Damn. I really like Furiosa.

Interesting how the concept of Valhalla has been worked into the new society.

Hmmm ... I really thought Max would have shot Nux once the chain was cut.

Heh   ... kick the chastity belt and run after the truck. I was going to say don't worry he will be back but Furiosa took care of that.

She is making the mistake of thinking Max actually cares about how Immortaln Joe will reward him. He wants Joe DEAD! He may not acknowledge it but he does.

Damn I am liking this movie.

Damn Nux is like a Terminator.

And Max is still acting, or reacting, like Max.

The more Max saws at the mask the more I think of the song "Chip Away the Stone". and he is free. So is Nux.

Bye Nux. Or is it?

Damn. I just realized. What happened to his bad knee?

God damn Furiosa is fucking amazing! What was I talking about?

And Nux got recognized.

Holy shit those guys know how to drive their cycles.

I guess this means they are working together?

And there is Nux in all of his aluminium glory.

Damn. I thought she was dead.

And now she is.

God damn. The movie is only half over. It feels like I just started watching it but it has been on forever.

Holy shit. 2 with one shot. FURIOSA! FURIOSA!

And Nux is still alive and kicking. Or at least slamming his head.

Oh Nux. Fuck her. Fuck Larry and Barry. Fuck her.

Damn. That is fucked up. Yes, you had a baby brother you fucked up fucktard.

So, Nux is coming around?

"I am the scales of justice." You are the next mother fucker to die.

Redemption. Now there is something to die for.

Furiosa has a good memory.

I guess the grass isn't greener. Damn!

Heh, back the way you came.

And Nox is still styling and profiling. :)

"What are you doing?"
"To who?"
"Anyone that is listening."

Nox and Red up in a tree. :)

God damn!

So the sniper crone carries the seeds. Interesting.

Damn. Sniper crone is a good shot.
"One man. One bullet."

Damn Nox is useful!

Nice fight scene.

Kill the guitarist. Make it hurt. Why is he still alive?

I mean. Damn. WTF?!? The guitarist died. Eventually. Didn't he?

God damn. Furiosa! What a face rip!

Damn. Nox!

Damn. That is the Max I know.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh yeah. Damn. Should have remembered that.

"Max. My name is Max."

God damn I like this movie. :)

"Where must we go ...
we who wander the Wasteland
in search of our better selves?"
The First History Man

Watch this movie!!!!

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