Monday, January 30, 2012

What the ... unfriending?!?!?

A friend told me something many moons ago that a supervisor of his does at work. Sometimes he will point out when someone is doing something wrong by making an innoccuous and unaddressed comment over their radio system. That way only those hooked in can hear.

For example if he saw someone with their hands in their pockets and said "Are your hands cold?" over the radio. Someone who wasn't being addressed replied "Are you talking to me?" His reply was "Should I be?"

I found the fact that someone would reply that way interesting. What were they doing, or had they done, that would lead them to think they were being addressed? Did they have a guilty conscience for some reason?

All of which came to mind when I found myself unfriended and blocked on Facebook as well as unsubscribed to here by someone after my post "Becoming a bully" was put up. It made me wonder why. Do they feel guilty about something? Did it touch a nerve? Do I really care?

The former two questions, meh, no idea. I can only speculate. Odds are yes but considering my reply to the third question those questions quickly became moot.

The latter question, considering it took me almost 3 weeks to notice the actions of the person, I would have to say no, I don't really care.

In parting all I have to say to them if they see this, and to anyone else who does and automatically assumes it is aimed at them and scurries away, is that I wish them well in their life and future endeavours.

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