Monday, December 12, 2011

What the ... occupation?!?!?

My main problem with the whole "Occupy" movement in Canada has been their reason for existing. What exactly is it? Is it against Wall Street and what happened in the US financial system? Well, that didn't happen in Canada thanks to our banking regulations.

Listening to their spokesmen in the media just creates more confusion. One mouthpiece droned on in a CBC interview about how it was about Health Care. 35 Million people don't have it! Wait, the population of Canada is about 32-33 Million and we have universal coverage. Oh yeah, he was talking about US HEALTH CARE. So, these fucktards are "occupying" places in Canada to protest things that have happened, or are happening, in the US. Yeah, that will work. The Yanks are sure to listen to them. Not.

Now you have the "Occupy Vancouver" OccuTards planning on shutting down the port of Vancouver. Why? To show support for striking longshoremen in Washington state. Even the B.C. Federation of labour which runs the union at the port DOES NOT want them to block the port. And the OccuTards wonder why it is hard to take them seriously most of the time?

If they really want to protest the stuff that happened IN THE US they should hop on a bus and join the actual Occupy Wall Street movement.

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