Saturday, December 10, 2016

I can be a dick.

It is easy to be a dick. I can be one. You can be one. Sometimes all it takes is the right mixture of bullshit.

I am at a new job now. When I was a Relief Supervisor at my old one I had the opportunity to not be a dick or to be one. I chose to be a dick. And I say that with no compunction. I CHOSE to be a dick.

We had a fucking skewed chain of command at my old job. 4 managers, including the overall head of Security, 2 supervisors, and 1 relief supervisor, me. I have NEVER worked at a place that had managers out numbering supervisors until that job. Hell, I want to say ,not to toot my own horn but fuck I am tooting it, when I quit they had to hire TWO RELIEF SUPERVISORS to do the job that I did.  Yet the 2nd in charge couldn't understand when I told him the job was burning me out. But I digress.

So, I was waiting for the call for my new job when, let's call him Richard, said something really strange.

Richard "Do you and Glenn (The fictitious name I give to the then head of our department.) have some kind of arrangement?"

Me "What?!?!?!?"

Dick: "Well you haven't talked about your new job or starting it so I was wondering if you and Glenn came to some sort of arrangement and he promised you a full supervisor job when I get let go."

This was SO fucking out of left field that I didn't know how to respond at first. So I went with the truth, which is usually the best option.

"No, DICK, I just haven't heard anything about when I start the new job. I have the new job I just don't know when training starts. Which is why I had nothing to say about it. There is nothing to say."

Richard "Oh. I see."

He had been acting like a real wanker lately and annoyed  everyone. So I took the opportunity to be a dick: "So, why bring this up? Worried about being let go?"

Richard "Ummm."

Me "You should be. When is your 20th anniversary with the company?"

Richard "May 15th."

Me "You will be let go before then. So stop worrying about it. You want the package that comes with being let go any way."

I was right. He was let go a few days before his 20th anniversary of starting work with the company. I hadn't planned on being a dick but he was just so fucking annoying that I couldn't help myself.

The company we worked for had a long line of people they fired/let go right after their 20th anniversary with them. One poor schlub had his 20th anniversary party on a Wednesday night and on the Thursday he showed up for work to be told he had no job any more.

So, I was a dick but god damn I was also right.

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