Thursday, July 25, 2013

What the ... clarification?!?!?

(Another post written months ago and posted late.)

The Provincial Government changed a speeding law last year. As soon as I heard about it I knew there would be problems with it. It wasn't clear enough. Yes, I know, what a surprise, the Government wasn't clear in making a law. ;)

They changed the speed limit in school zones. It is now 30 KPH when children are present. How is that not clear? It made me wonder does it only apply when kids are PHYSICALLY present in the school yard or does it mean when school is in?

For me it didn't cause a problem, I would just do 30 KPH whenever I was in a school zone to be safe. However, I could see some people being confused about it and having a fit when they got ticketed.

Now it turns out the Police are confused by it and have had to ask the Government to clarify what it means.

Gotta love how Government can fuck up something that should have been so simple.

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