Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shit Morons Say ... at the park.

"Sometimes I just don't know why I let her off the leash."

I was walking Grizzly in the park. We were about half done the route when we ran into ... surprise surprise ... a mook with his dog off leash. Actually we ran into the mook first. he had no idea where his dog was. You could hear her in the woods heading our way but not see her.  Considering there is a a clearing before the woods the dog was WAY out of site, and thereby out of his control.

As she came out of the woods he said "Sometimes I don't know why I let her off the leash. She usually takes off."

My reply was a simple "I agree."

He looked perplexed. You could pretty much see the question mark appear above his head. I decided to let him know what I meant.

I snarled "It is an on-leash park after all. Why the hell would you let their dog off the leash? Especially when you know your dog takes off."

He had the vacant stare of a mook confronted with his mookishness and said nothing.

I shook my head and left.

Fucking mooks.

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